Crypto community manager for Hire

We provide crypto community managers for hire that will support your community while safeguarding your members from all potential Web3 exploits and FUDs.

Equipped with Discord Safety Knowledge

Counter FUDs without stress

At least 2-3 years in the Web3 crypto space

Maximize your online community reach

Here's what our crypto community manager offers

Discover how our community manager increases your community engagement while reducing your stress:

Focus More on Buidl-ing without Distraction

Spend more time building instead of frading away your mental capacity on responding in Discord.

Avoid Personal Attacks by Up to 95%

Even if it's your fault, you are better off solving the issue than taking a direct blow to your time and sanity.

Stay more Connected with the Community

Our community managers will spread your message and assurance around the clock.

Make Better Community Decisions

We will summarize your community's ups and downs to help you digest your community health quicker.

Think you don't need a community manager? Think Twice!

Immerse yourself in our extensive portfolio, showcasing our adept navigation and deep understanding of the dynamic Web3 landscape, fostering digital innovation.

Scenario #1

Downward Price Action

Positive price action is essential for successful marketing and community-building. Our community manager handles price-related inquiries, freeing you to focus on solving pricing challenges. By maintaining a positive trajectory, you can build trust in your project and foster an engaged community.

Scenario #2

The Zachxbt Effect

Zachxbt is targeting you with negative allegations on Discord and X (formerly Twitter). Our community managers will defend you if the allegations are false, helping you recover quickly. But if the allegations are true and the project intends to mislead, we will discontinue our defense.

Scenario #3

Asset Movements

When moving assets, it's important to be cautious to avoid concerns among your holders. Token holders can easily track your transactions using on-chain lookup tools. Our community managers are available to provide clarity and address any fears or concerns regarding asset movements to prevent unnecessary panic.

Scenario #4

Smart Contract Exploits

Smart contract exploits can be devastating. Imagine an unfriendly kingdom draining your LP pool, causing panic. Community managers help calm the storm and recover funds. Exploits don't always lead to total loss; bounties are popular solutions. If the exploiters are called Lazarus, we offer reassuring messages for your peace of mind.

Scenario #5

Employee Gone Rogue or Nuts

In the age of cancel culture, it's crucial to stay on the right side. Your actions and words matter, especially when involving team members. We're here to help you navigate controversies, drawing a clear line between personal affairs and the overall project, addressing any FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) that arises.

Bonus pointers of our crypto community managers!

Here's why our crypto community managers are ideal for you

Guided by Web3 Veteran

We will check-in with our moderators occasionally to ensure that we meet your community guidelines

Emotional Detachments

Negativity is a heavy tax for your potential —let's us pay that tax instead on your behalf.

Well Versed in Web3 Securities

We keep ourselves and your community up-to-date on how to avoid scams & social engineering attacks.

Blocking without Hesitation

Blocking may sound unethical, but when necessary, we know the right timing to do so without hesitation.

Our crypto marketing agency covers all subscriptions

We will cover all subscription costs associated with our service offerings, ensuring that you don't need to pay additional marketing expenses while subscribed to our monthly services.

Reduce your yearly marketing tools expense by up to $2,000!
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'You need to spend more time with the community.'
The hard fact is: You don't.

Trust in the Web3 space is not solely built through constant community engagement. Progress and positive price movements are more effective in instilling trust. Rather than spending excessive time in Discord or other community platforms, it is more advantageous to focus on tasks that drive progress and potential price action. I can help with community engagement strategies so that you can utilize your time and efforts efficiently.

'But, what if I only rely on community managers to take care of my community?'

That is exactly what you should be doing.​The only times you would want to delegate your appearance in a structure that looks like this:​

5% Discord, 5% Emails & Direct Messages, 30% Social Media Channels / Platforms, 30% Crypto Projects' Interviews 30% Crypto Space Press Coverages

We help both Web3 and traditional startup founders across industries

We are both builders and advisors during active partnership

"I wanted to rank for my chiropractic center locally, and Joshua advised me with local SEO ranking against other chiropractors in my area. A nice person to deal with, listened to my requirements patiently, and most importantly, had good skills and service."

Jack Fach

Director at Bliss Spinal Healthcare

"Josh's familiarity in the Web3 space has helped me with my career transition, and if anyone looking for a way to transition your business or looking for advisory or tips to get into Web3 , you should speak with him!."

Deo SJ

Marketing Director at Zeus Studios Limited

"I am trying to get more leads from Google and my current website didn’t really rank for the right keywords to start getting leads. Josh helped and guided me on how to start working on the SEO to begin attracting the right traffic to my site. If you are looking to get your page on top of Google, you need to hit these guys up."

Lara Yap

Marketing Director at Nude Media

Our agency simple pricing for Web3 growth

For transparency, we take only around a 35-40% margin from each month's subscription. We allocate the majority of the cost to qualified content writers, fact-checkers, backlink acquisition, partnerships, press releases, X influencers, and the setup of community events or giveaways.

Our service aims to provide a truly 100% hands-off experience. However, there may be occasions when we need to collaborate to advance specific marketing objectives. This could involve content containing sensitive information that impacts investors' trust in your project. Such content will always require a certain degree of cooperation to ensure successful completion.

Web3 Growth
Maximize your project growth in X and search engines with our one-fit-for-all subscription
no contract, pause or cancel anytime
6-10 Content Creation & Optimization
4-6 Press Release on Google News
6-8 Authority Backlinks Acquisition
QuestN Creation & Amplification
X Influencers Management
100% Hands-free SEO Experience

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