Editorial Policy

Solid Metrics is committed to providing our users with accurate, impartial, and transparent content. This editorial policy outlines our content creation principles, standards, and processes.


  • Accuracy: We strive for accuracy in all our content. We fact check information against reputable sources. If content contains opinion, we clearly label it as such.
  • Impartiality: Our content aims to be objective and balanced. We reflect diverse viewpoints where appropriate and clearly state uncertainties.
  • Transparency: We disclose sources wherever possible. If we make errors, we correct them and are accountable to our audience.
  • Independence: Our editors have full editorial independence. They are not influenced by business or partner interests. Any conflicts of interest are disclosed.
  • Privacy: We respect user privacy and do not disclose personal information without consent.
  • Decency: Our content is appropriate for general audiences. We avoid offensive or explicit material.


Our editors produce content aligned with our principles. They disclose any conflicts of interest and have no external pressure or incentives. For external contributors, we require similar disclosures.


Our editorial staff undergo training on our editorial guidelines and standards.

Editorial Process

Our process includes research, writing, editing, and review:

  • Research: We consult reputable sources like scientific journals, experts, and reputable websites.
  • Writing: Our editors or freelancers create draft content.
  • Editing: Content is edited for accuracy, balance, tone, and presentation by at least one editor.
  • Review: Our CEO, Joshua Yap, reviews and approves our policies before publishing. We systematically review content annually.


We welcome user feedback and immediately update content if necessary. If we cannot resolve a complaint, it gets escalated to the CEO.

This editorial policy was approved on October 5th by Joshua Yap, CEO at Solid Metrics.

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