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We are a Web3 SEO agency that specializes in boosting your organic traffic and search engine rankings with proven SEO strategies favored by search engines.

a cat launching up to space depicting web3 seo traffic growtha cat launching up to space depicting web3 seo traffic growth

Rank on Google fast for relevant keywords

Get high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites

Get high-quality content written for you

Better search engine rankings within 30-90 days*

Here's what our Web3 SEO agency offer

And, here's why effective Web3 SEO strategies benefit you by a lot

More Organic Traffic with Educational Content

Receive high-quality and SEO-friendly contents written by our dedicated team of writers.

Link Building Services that Guaranteed to Rank

Get great backlinks from other websites without the hassle of doing manual outreaches.

Get Guaranteed Online Visibility from Top Relevant Sites

Increase your website's authority and domain credibility with editorial and press releases by top sites.

Complete hands-off SEO Campaign Experience

Onboard a dedicated SEO manager who can handle all On and Off- Page SEO work done for you

How does our SEO marketing for Web3 process look like?

Our SEO process covers the 5 main components that is crucial for your website's ranking on search engines

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Step 01

Keyword Research & Optimization

Before we start, we will conduct keyword research based on your customer persona and competitors to determine which keywords to rank for. Then, we will follow up with keyword optimization.

Step 02

Content Mapping & Creation

We will begin building a content map for content creation that your users may be searching for. These types of content are usually interlinked educational content meant to drive traffic to your website.

Step 03

Backlink Outreach & Acquisition

We will also begin researching your closest competitors to determine which backlinks to acquire to compete. Then, we will start prospecting from relevant websites to begin acquiring backlinks.

Step 04

In-depth Ongoing SEO Audits

Search engines want the best for their searcher. We will conduct ongoing SEO audits to ensure you deliver your users the best user experience and updated information.

Step 05

Active Support throughout Service Period

We are available 12/5 (12 hours, five days a week) if you need assistance with your ongoing work—our response time is usually within 24 hours.

What is Web3 SEO, and why does every dollar spend guarantee a better future?

Web3 SEO is a type of search engine optimization (SEO) specifically designed for cryptocurrency and blockchain-related websites for long-term growth.​

Compared to normal SEO, Web3 SEO is slightly harder due to most websites restricting cryptocurrency project promotion. Worry not, because we know the right marketing channels and methods to get the backlinks you need to rank.​

Plus, to detach from the need to constantly spend to get traffic, you need other channels of traffic rather than depending on active campaigns that require constant spending to bring traffic to your website.

What makes Web3 SEO strategy different than normal SEO?

What makes Web3 SEO strategy different is its ability to promote and get traffic from as much coverage as possible out of the usual marketing channels while limited by most advertising policies.

For the majority of people, you can promote pretty much anything. But when it comes to Web3 products, your pitches or ads will rejected due to editorial or advertising policy.

You can try running an ad for your Web3 products on Instagram now, which will be taken down — 100%

A Showcase of Our Web3 Projects

Immerse yourself in our extensive portfolio, showcasing our adept navigation and deep understanding of the dynamic Web3 landscape, fostering digital innovation.

SEO Results

'How long would it take for us to start seeing SEO results?'

To begin seeing results from your SEO campaign, you typically need around 3-6 months or more.

However, with the correct techniques, you can accelerate your SEO results.

It's important to remember that SEO is a long-term game, but it compounds over time in your favor.

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Backlink Acquisition

What type of backlinks will you build for my website?

We only build strong and niche-relevant backlinks.

Unlike many SEO agencies, we don't base our charges for backlink placement on Domain Rating (DR). Instead, our pricing is determined by the best-negotiated rate plus service fees. These fees cover outreach, link acquisition, anchor text strategy, and optimization.

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What type of content will you write for us?

We will create content that not only aligns with what people are searching for but is also highly relevant to your product offerings.

For instance, if you operate a DeFi platform, we would focus on topics like finance, cryptocurrency, and DeFi itself. This approach ensures that your website maintains relevance without compromising your brand's positioning.

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How can I take advantage of A.l & Search Generative Engines (SGEs)?

We will future-proof your website for AI-driven search. This involves optimizing your website's content for Semantic Graph Engine (SGE) as well.

To understand how SGE will shape the future of user experience in search, you can learn more here through Google here.

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Our crypto marketing agency covers all subscriptions

We will cover all subscription costs associated with our service offerings, ensuring that you don't need to pay additional marketing expenses while subscribed to our monthly services.

Reduce your yearly marketing tools expense by up to $2,000!
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We help both Web3 and traditional startup founders across industries

We are both builders and advisors during active partnership

"I wanted to rank for my chiropractic center locally, and Joshua advised me with local SEO ranking against other chiropractors in my area. A nice person to deal with, listened to my requirements patiently, and most importantly, had good skills and service."

Jack Fach

Director at Bliss Spinal Healthcare

"Josh's familiarity in the Web3 space has helped me with my career transition, and if anyone looking for a way to transition your business or looking for advisory or tips to get into Web3 , you should speak with him!."

Deo SJ

Marketing Director at Zeus Studios Limited

"I am trying to get more leads from Google and my current website didn’t really rank for the right keywords to start getting leads. Josh helped and guided me on how to start working on the SEO to begin attracting the right traffic to my site. If you are looking to get your page on top of Google, you need to hit these guys up."

Lara Yap

Marketing Director at Nude Media

Our agency simple pricing for Web3 growth

For transparency, we take only around a 35-40% margin from each month's subscription. We allocate the majority of the cost to qualified content writers, fact-checkers, backlink acquisition, partnerships, press releases, X influencers, and the setup of community events or giveaways.

Our service aims to provide a truly 100% hands-off experience. However, there may be occasions when we need to collaborate to advance specific marketing objectives. This could involve content containing sensitive information that impacts investors' trust in your project. Such content will always require a certain degree of cooperation to ensure successful completion.

Web3 Growth
Maximize your project growth in X and search engines with our one-fit-for-all subscription
no contract, pause or cancel anytime
6-10 Content Creation & Optimization
4-6 Press Release on Google News
6-8 Authority Backlinks Acquisition
QuestN Creation & Amplification
X Influencers Management
100% Hands-free SEO Experience

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Additional FAQs about our Web3 SEO Services

Here's a little more about how we operate. Got a more specific question? Feel free to get in touch.

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What are the range of services do we cover?

To effectively rank on search engines and start earning targeted traffic, here are the complete services that we cover:​

  • Content Optimization
  • Core Web Vital Optimization (Technical SEO)
  • Content Mapping
  • Content Production (High-Quality, Engaging Content Writing)
  • Keyword Research
  • Citation & External Links Audit
  • Link-building Services (Includes Free and Paid Link Campaigns)
  • Internal Linking Audit
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • (Optional) Social Media Marketing: Content Syndication

Our homepage's FAQ also covers more non-SEO related services if you are looking to utilize both SEO and non-SEO approaches to your Web3 marketing.

What is the average amount of investment to start a successful SEO campaign?

We start charging around $4,500 per month for all of the services listed above.

We are happy to adjust our budget according to your needs.

Let's work together!

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