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We are a crypto marketing agency committed to accelerating your growth through better search rankings, more followers, and access to the crypto top influencers and PR outlets.

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Access Top Influencers’ Amplification

Start Earning More Traffic From Google

Get Top-tier Crypto PR Exposure & Mentions

Get More Readers for Your Brand's Content

Our crypto marketing agency solutions

These are the long-term 'alphas' you'll be getting by working together

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More Organic Traffic & Better Ranking

Skyrocket your website to the top of search engine rankings, gaining more followers across all platforms.

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Shoutouts from Top Crypto Media Outlets

Leverage shoutouts from the most influential voices in crypto to bolster your project's credibility.

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More Followers with Proven Strategies

We partner with QuestN to create engaging community events that captures real active on capture off-chain participation.

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Access to Vetted Crypto Influencers

'Your network is net worth.' We shortcut your way to vetted influencers to help you amplify your projects across X and YouTube.

Trust, but verify our past Web3 works

See our portfolio in detailed here which showcases our deep understanding of the dynamic Web3 landscape.


Our blockchain marketing agency diversify beyond X

Beyond X, we utilize search engines as a marketing channel to increase visibility.

Click here to check our SEO results—updates bi-monthly (Nov 2023)

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Influencer Marketing

X / Youtube Campaign

We collaborate and manage influencers from X and YouTube to significantly expand your project's reach across various regions—to increase your follower and user base.

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Partnering with Trusted Crypto Influencers

We leverage tools like X Advanced Search and Dune Analytics to carefully vet the crypto influencers we work with.

This ensures you are getting only top-quality influencers with a stellar track record and performance.

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PR Publication

Access to the Right Crypto Publications

We leverage crypto PR outlets to generate positive and impactful publicity for your project.

Our strategic PR approach ensures that your project receives visibility and attention in the most effective manner.

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Community Management

Web3 Community Campaign Management

We specialize in creating and managing community campaigns that actively engage real users. Our strategies are tailored to meet your specific on-chain and off-chain objectives.

This approach guarantees that your investment yields valuable returns through dynamic and responsive interactions within the community.

Plus, we also provide highly qualified crypto community managers if needed.

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Ranking Physically on Map

If you are among the many who opt for a physical office location open to visitors, we can assist in elevating your Google Maps listing to the top of search results.

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Web3 Onboarding

Community Guide Creation for Better Onboarding

Web3 navigation can sometimes be challenging for users. To assist, we provide tutorial guides in both video and written formats.

These user-friendly tutorials are tailored to help users better understand and engage with our platform effectively.

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Our Web3 agency key services

Discover your potential returns through our key offerings

SEO-Optimized Blog Content Creation

Receive SEO-driven blog content crafted by expert writers specializing in the crypto space.

Our content not only boosts your search engine visibility but also establishes your thought leadership in the space.

Top Tier Backlink Acquisition

We build the right exact backlinks from authoritative websites for you that will increase your website ranking on search engines.

Highly Credible PR Outreach & Campaigns

Gain maximum exposure in the blockchain world with our specialized PR outreach.

We ensure your project gets the spotlight in leading blockchain media and PR outlets, maximizing your visibility to the right audience.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Optimize vour website content for better visibility and engagement for search engine. To learn about our on-page SEO process, see our checklist here.

X Influencer Marketing

We partner up with RogueIQ (Founded by an Ex-Binance Marketing Lead) to help you leverage the influence of prominent X voices in the crypto community.

Our influencer marketing strategies are designed to amplify your project's presence, driving growth and engagement with a targeted, crypto-savvy audience.

Dedicated Marketer Support

Get a seasoned marketer or a fractional CMO on your team to craft and execute massive marketing strategies that resonate with your unique goals.

We only use top Web3 marketing tools for our marketing operations—see our tools below.

Optimize Paid Search Campaign

Maximize your ad spend efficiency with our optimized paid search campaigns.

We not only set up and fine-tune your ads but also adopt a performance-based model - you only pay a fraction of your positive ROIs!

Community Event Host & Management

Maximize the ROI of your marketing campaigns through our battle-tested community engagement event strategies.

You can expect to see thousands of real followers for your X, Discord, and on-chain users.

For community

Boost your community momentum with our proven Web3 strategies

We leverage the power of community growth through a robust series of actions that drive more followers toward your Web3 growth.

For traffic

Become the thought leaders while dominating with search engine's traffic

Remove your reliance on 'hype' only to drive your growth. Shoot your shoot with us on your content and search ranking game that drives real traffic to your site.

Our crypto marketing agency covers all subscriptions

We will cover all subscription costs associated with our service offerings, ensuring that you don't need to pay additional marketing expenses while subscribed to our monthly services.

Reduce your yearly marketing tools expense by up to $2,000!
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We help both Web3 and traditional startup founders across industries

We are both builders and advisors during active partnership

"I wanted to rank for my chiropractic center locally, and Joshua advised me with local SEO ranking against other chiropractors in my area. A nice person to deal with, listened to my requirements patiently, and most importantly, had good skills and service."

Jack Fach

Director at Bliss Spinal Healthcare

"Josh's familiarity in the Web3 space has helped me with my career transition, and if anyone looking for a way to transition your business or looking for advisory or tips to get into Web3 , you should speak with him!."

Deo SJ

Marketing Director at Zeus Studios Limited

"I am trying to get more leads from Google and my current website didn’t really rank for the right keywords to start getting leads. Josh helped and guided me on how to start working on the SEO to begin attracting the right traffic to my site. If you are looking to get your page on top of Google, you need to hit these guys up."

Lara Yap

Marketing Director at Nude Media

Our agency simple pricing for Web3 growth

For transparency, we take only around a 35-40% margin from each month's subscription. We allocate the majority of the cost to qualified content writers, fact-checkers, backlink acquisition, partnerships, press releases, X influencers, and the setup of community events or giveaways.

Our service aims to provide a truly 100% hands-off experience. However, there may be occasions when we need to collaborate to advance specific marketing objectives. This could involve content containing sensitive information that impacts investors' trust in your project. Such content will always require a certain degree of cooperation to ensure successful completion.

Web3 Growth
Maximize your project growth in X and search engines with our one-fit-for-all subscription
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6-10 Content Creation & Optimization
4-6 Press Release on Google News
6-8 Authority Backlinks Acquisition
QuestN Creation & Amplification
X Influencers Management
100% Hands-free SEO Experience

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Detailed FAQs of our core crypto marketing services

Here's a little more about how we operate. Got a more specific question? Feel free to get in touch.

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What are the crypto marketing services that we provide?

Our services include a comprehensive range of crypto marketing services, such as:

  • Content Strategy & Mapping
  • High-quality blog content creation
  • Niche backlink building from reputable sites
  • Press outreach to top crypto publications
  • On-page SEO optimization
  • Paid Search Campaign
  • Twitter Influencer Marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Community Building & KOLs Amplification
  • Dedicated Marketing Support
  • Crypto Community Manager as a Service
  • (Non-Web3) SEO Services for Singapore
  • (Non-Web3) SEO Services for Malaysia
  • (Optional) Dedicated Team of Community Management
  • (Optional) Social Media Management
  • (Optional) Non-Web3 Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you want to get more organic traffic or dominate your competitor's search ranking with better SEO(Search Engine Optimization), please click here to navigate our Web3 SEO Agency service page to learn more.

Perhaps, if you need an extra boost for your Web3 startup, please visit our Web3 Startup Consulting service page to learn more.

What makes Solid Metrics different from other cryptocurrency marketing agencies?

Our team and approaches are 100% tailored for the crypto space. This includes how we produce results for your project.

  1. We do not charge backlink acquisitions based on DR ratings; the rate is based on the best-negotiated price that guarantees the best placement strategy.
  2. Our influencer networks are thoroughly vetted according to your niche.
  3. Our content creators are also Web3 creators.

How do we define our blog content creation service?

The contents we write aim to:

  • Provides value to readers: The content is insightful, informative, entertaining, or educational for the target audience. It gives readers actionable takeaways or new perspectives.
  • Written by industry experts: Our content is 100% written by writers who have experienced your experience personally. For example, crypto content will only be written by Web3-specific content creators instead of random generic bloggers.
  • Engaging writing style: The tone and style keep readers interested throughout the piece. This includes an inviting opening, good pacing, conversational tone, humor, etc.
  • Well-researched: Claims are supported by credible sources and data points. Any statistics or facts included are correctly cited.
  • Unique perspective: The content offers a fresh point of view and avoids simply rehashing what's already been said on the topic. There is original commentary and analysis.
  • Optimized for SEO: Relevant keywords are incorporated throughout naturally, and meta descriptions/titles are SEO-friendly. This helps content get found by search engines.
  • Visually appealing: Images, infographics, videos, etc., make the content more visually engaging on the page.
  • Properly formatted: Headings, paragraphs, lists, and other elements are formatted well so the piece is scannable and readable.
  • Free of errors: The content is thoroughly edited and free of typos, grammar errors, or inaccurate information.
  • Aligns with your brand voice: The tone and style fit the brand's voice and resonate with its target audience.

Although backlinks should appear in many other forms, we don't do social links, as those should occur naturally from your other marketing executions:

How do we decide on backlink acquisition?

Although backlinks should appear in many other forms, we don't do social links, as those should occur naturally from your other marketing executions:

  • High-authority websites in your niche: Getting backlinks from popular, reputable sites with high domain authority scores lends more credibility and ranking power.
  • Prioritizes relevant, strategic sites: The websites should be topically pertinent and offer strategic value, like link juice, referral traffic, brand visibility, etc.
  • Diversify link types: Aim for a mix of editorial links, guest posts, sponsored content, reviews, brand mentions, etc. This looks more natural than just one type.
  • Achieves a steady pace: Links should be built slowly and steadily naturally. Avoid massive spikes or anything that would look manipulative.
  • Follows ethical practices: We follow search engine guidelines and avoid low-quality networks that could pose risks.
  • Balances links across domains: We get links pointing to different pages and fields to distribute authority.

How quickly can I expect to see results from the marketing efforts?

Unlike influencer campaigns, SEO and content marketing often takes time to show significant results. However, you can typically expect initial improvements in your online presence and search engine rankings within a few months.

What reporting tools do we use to prove our data-driven crypto services?

  • For SEO: We use Semrush, Google Search Console, and Nightwatch
  • For Influencer Marketing: X Advanced Search, Dune Analytics, and NFT Inspect
  • For Content Creation: Frase, Grammarly, and SurferSEO
  • For Community: QuestN, Discord
  • For Blockchain PR: CoverageBook

We wrote a blog about the top Web3 marketing tools and SEO tools, many of which we use regularly.

How do we define 'Vetted' in our crypto influencer marketing approach?

We define vetted crypto influencers in this qualifying manners:

  • Does not promote scams.
  • The influencer's public address cannot have more than 2-3 instances of transaction interacting with malicious smart contract on-chain. (This helps us to validate the influencer's knowledge in the crypto industry.).
  • Promotes only notable projects with doxxed team members.
  • We're directly communicating with the influencer without a 3rd party between negotiations.
  • With a healthy ratio of followers vs. followings (This is due to X Algorithm effects on potential impressions per post.)
  • The niche of the influencers (DeFi influencers should only be covering topics within their domain expertise; for example, Slippages, Swap Tax. Instead of NFT, and likewise.)
  • Influencers with some degree of past success working with us.

What type of crypto & NFT projects do we consider working with?

We typically work with projects that:​

  • Looking to invest at least $4,500 per month
  • Projects with working products (This also applies to ecosystem chains)
  • Doxxed teams without a record of scams
  • Projects with tokens listed on notable exchanges

Can we help you to get listed on top crypto exchanges?

No, we do not provide listing as a service, as it violates most top exchanges' rules for listing.

How about promoting token sales?

No, we do not engage in marketing stunts that directly influence people to decide between buying or selling tokens—This also includes NFTs.

Do we offer email marketing campaigns for Web3-specific audiences?

Yes, we offer email marketing campaigns that designed to warm up your prospect enough to eventually convert them into a real user in the near future.

Can you extend your service to Web3 startup consulting where the environment differs from traditional startup?

Our startup business consultants are also Web3 veterans who have deep experience in Web3 business strategy.

​Even if you're an experienced founder from a traditional startup environment, the Web3 approach is going to be completely different. Whatever marketing initiatives that work for traditional marketing may not work for Web3.

This includes marketing services like content marketing, community building, social media marketing, business development, project management, customer acquisition, and messaging style design.

What else can our blockchain marketing company do regarding crypto community management?

Beyond ordinary community events, we can explore new marketing avenues to encourage your existing users to take more action to improve your product's conversion rate or accelerate your current user growth trajectory.

This includes:

  • Decentralized Application Interaction
  • Campaigns to get more users using your dApps.
  • Derivatives Trading Competition to improve trading volume

What are the range of services does the SEO subscription covers?

Similarly to our Web3 SEO services, To effectively rank on search engines and start earning targeted traffic, here are the complete services that we cover:​

  • Content Optimization
  • Core Web Vital Optimization (Technical SEO)
  • Content Mapping
  • Content Production (High-Quality, Engaging Content Writing)
  • Keyword Research
  • Citation & External Links Audit
  • Link-building Services (Includes Free and Paid Link Campaigns)
  • Internal Linking Audit
  • Off-Page Optimization
  • (Optional) Social Media Marketing: Content Syndication

About Solid Metrics

We are a crypto marketing agency for fast growth through better search ranking, number of followers, and access to top influencers & PR outlets.

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