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Top 10 NFT Marketing Agencies for Ordinals & NFTs in 2024

Ordinals and NFTs are getting wild again in this bull market run for 2024. Got some JPEGs to sell on the blockchain once again? Consider these 10 NFT marketing agencies.

Top 10 NFT Marketing Agencies for Ordinals & NFTs in 2024

Navigating the bustling world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be a daunting task for creators and collectors alike. With the digital landscape constantly evolving, standing out in the crowded NFT marketplace requires a targeted and strategic approach.

That's where an NFT marketing agency steps in, offering the expertise needed to elevate your NFT project from the noise. Of course, you wouldn't want to forget about NFT marketing agency cost too.

An effective NFT marketing agency doesn't just spread awareness; it crafts a narrative around your digital assets, making them irresistible to your target audience.

In this article, we'll delve into how these agencies work their magic, creating buzz and driving demand for your NFTs. Whether you're looking to educate potential buyers or generate leads that convert to sales, understanding the role of a specialized NFT marketing agency is crucial for success in this digital frontier.

a guy marketing his nft projects

What is an NFT Marketing Agency?

An NFT marketing agency specializes in promoting and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They understand the unique nature of NFTs and the niche market they occupy. Unlike traditional marketing agencies, an NFT marketing agency harnesses the power of the blockchain to connect artists, creators, and brands with their audience in a digital economy.

Or, some just want to dump on their community—who knows?

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NFT marketing agencies are adept at brand storytelling, weaving a narrative that casts NFTs not just as collectibles but as an integral part of modern digital identity and culture. These agencies craft targeted campaigns that highlight the rarity, artistic value, and potential investment upside of owning NFTs, positioning them as must-have assets.

Strategies employed by these agencies often include influencer partnerships, social media campaigns, and community engagement on platforms beloved by crypto enthusiasts. They're focused on generating buzz and creating a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out) around their client's NFT offerings. Experts at these agencies employ analytics to tailor their strategies, guaranteeing the right message reaches the right people.

Given the high stakes and competitiveness of the NFT market, choosing the right NFT marketing agency is pivotal.

Using an NFT marketing agency saves creators and brands significant time and energy by entrusting their NFT promotion to seasoned professionals. This partnership enables creators to focus on what they do best – creating – while leaving the complexities of marketing in capable hands.

Additionally, such agencies play a key role in educating potential buyers, an essential step given the nascent stage of the NFT marketplace. They demystify the world of NFTs for new collectors and investors, making it accessible and appealing to a broader audience.

a closeup of a guy showing 3 fingers

3 Key Benefits of Hiring an NFT Marketing Agency

In the burgeoning world of digital assets, visibility can make or break the success of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Hiring an NFT marketing agency offers multiple advantages that can significantly aid in the promotion and sale of NFTs.

#1: Increasing Visibility in the NFT Market

Visibility is paramount in the saturated NFT marketplace. An experienced NFT marketing agency has the tools and know-how to elevate a project's presence. Agencies deploy comprehensive social media campaigns and targeted advertising to ensure that NFT offerings are seen by the right audience.

They understand the dynamics of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Discord, enabling them to craft messages that resonate with potential buyers. By optimizing content for search engines, agencies help NFT creators cut through the clutter, allowing their digital assets to be easily discovered.

Also, using Web3 SEO agencies to improve SEO, which increases the likelihood of appearing at the top of search results, driving traffic to the NFT project.

#2: Leveraging Expertise in Niche Marketing

The unique landscape of NFTs requires a tailored approach to marketing. A specialized NFT marketing agency brings niche expertise to the table, offering strategies that are custom-fitted to the world of digital assets.

The know-how in creating buzzworthy content and forming strategic influencer partnerships is critical in raising the profile of an NFT. These agencies have their fingers on the pulse of current NFT trends and leverage analytics to adapt marketing strategies in real-time.

The expertise also extends to providing valuable educational content which is imperative in nurturing an audience's understanding and interest in NFTs.

#3: Building a Strong Community

The backbone of any successful NFT project lies in its community. Marketing agencies endeavor to build and nurture communities around NFT brands through active engagement strategies.

They use forums, social media hashtags, and events to foster a sense of belonging among potential investors and enthusiasts. Agencies create interactive spaces for conversation and feedback, which helps in both trust-building and ensuring that community members feel like a part of the project's journey.

By mobilizing a loyal community, the agency amplifies word-of-mouth marketing and creates a powerful platform for sustained interest and advocacy for the NFT project.

Top NFT Influencer Agencies for Ordinals & NFTs in 2024

#1: Solid Metrics

Solid Metrics homepage

Solid Metrics, a crypto marketing agency, specializes in sustainable growth for blockchain projects with a focus on long-term organic strategies. They ensure engagement in various market conditions, avoiding short-term hype reliance.

Their services now include NFT marketing, content strategy and creation, niche backlink building, press outreach, on-page SEO, paid search campaigns, Twitter and influencer marketing, community building, KOLs amplification, and dedicated marketing support, catering to a diverse range of blockchain and NFT needs.

Services: Content Strategy & Mapping, NFT Influencer Marketing, Press outreach to top crypto publications, On-page SEO optimization, X Influencer Marketing, Community Building

Website: Solid Metrics

#2: Mooning

Mooning homepage

Mooning is a dynamic NFT influencer marketing agency that excels in promoting NFT projects and influencers on a variety of social media platforms, including Twitter, Discord, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. They specialize in creating tailored strategies for both seasoned and emerging influencers, enhancing their reach and impact in the NFT space.

Mooning's services are designed to drive engagement and sales for NFT collections, leveraging their expertise in crypto content, community management, digital marketing, video marketing, and social media marketing.

Services: NFT influencer marketing, community management, crypto content development, digital marketing, video marketing, social media marketing.

Website: Mooning

#3: TokenMinds

TokenMinds homepage

TokenMinds is a comprehensive marketing agency specializing in the NFT sector. They provide a broad range of services for NFT projects, including community management, social media content and management, organic growth strategies, targeted ad campaigns, and influencer promotions. Their expertise extends to organizing AMA events and managing airdrops/bounties.

TokenMinds' approach is tailored to maximize visibility and growth for NFT projects, leveraging their deep understanding of blockchain technology and the unique demands of the NFT market.

Services: Community management, social media content and management, organic growth strategies, NFT ads management, influencer promotions, AMA event organization, airdrop/bounty management, and NFT/token sale advisory.

Website: TokenMinds

#4: RogueIQ

RogueIQ homepage

RogueIQ stands out as a specialized marketing agency in the crypto and NFT space. They offer unique solutions for gaining real visibility in these markets, particularly through Crypto Twitter. Their approach includes working with high-quality content creators for authentic engagement, ensuring that projects don't rely on ineffective traditional PR methods or artificial engagement strategies.

RogueIQ's services are designed to guarantee tangible results in both bear and bull markets, with a commitment to delivering real views and community growth.

Services: Engagement through high-quality content creators, authentic community growth, real visibility in crypto markets, strategic advisory, and guaranteed exposure with a 100% money-back guarantee.


#5: NeoReach

NeoReach homepage

NeoReach is an influencer marketing platform offering a range of services to elevate NFT influencer marketing campaigns. Their approach includes leveraging a vast network of influencers, creating strategic creative content, managing contracting and activation, and employing paid media strategies.

With their sophisticated software and APIs, NeoReach provides seamless campaign management and analytics, ensuring effective and data-driven influencer marketing solutions.

Services: Influencer network access, creative strategy and direction, contracting and activation management, paid media campaigns, self-service software and APIs for campaign management and analytics.

Website: NeoReach

#6: Lunar Strategy

Lunar Strategy homepage

Lunar Strategy is a marketing agency specializing in crypto and NFT promotion. They focus on building strong Web3 communities and providing a full spectrum of marketing solutions.

Their expertise includes influencer marketing, PR, social media management, paid advertising, and community management. Lunar Strategy's approach is tailored to ensure successful engagement and growth in the dynamic crypto and NFT markets.

Services: Crypto Influencer Marketing, Blockchain PR, Web3 Community Management, Crypto Paid Ads, Web3 Social Media.

Website: Lunar Strategy

#7: Coinbound

coinbound homepage

Coinbound is an established NFT marketing agency, renowned for managing a large network of crypto and Web3 influencers across multiple platforms like Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

They excel in helping NFT brands achieve widespread visibility and engagement, with strategies designed for robust community management and growth. Coinbound's services are tailored to the unique needs of the NFT market, ensuring impactful and successful marketing campaigns.

Services: Influencer marketing, community management, social media strategy, public relations, SEO, press release distribution, and comprehensive NFT marketing solutions.

Website: Coinbound

#8: No Rug Agency

No Rug Agency homepage

No Rug Agency is a full-service NFT marketing agency with a global team. They offer comprehensive services including Web3 development, artist recruitment, influencer marketing, Discord partnerships, and legal compliance.

Specializing in community building and influencer recruitment, they have successfully grown communities and generated significant sales for various NFT projects. Their diverse team, spread across three continents, provides round-the-clock support, ensuring a wide reach and effective marketing strategies.

Services: Web3 development, artist recruitment, influencer marketing, Discord partnerships, legal compliance, community building, and sales generation for NFT projects.

Website: No Rug Agency

#9: Omni Agency

Omni Agency homepage

Omni Agency is a marketing firm dedicated to building authentic blockchain communities. They specialize in comprehensive strategy planning, community management, PPC/paid media, social media management, guerilla marketing, and influencer marketing.

With a focus on Web3 projects, Omni Agency utilizes cutting-edge software and wallet data-driven strategies to provide innovative marketing solutions. They are known for their strategic industry partnerships and a transformative approach to blockchain marketing.

Services: Strategy planning, community management, PPC/paid media, social media management, guerilla marketing, influencer marketing.

Website: Omni Agency

#10: Crowdcreate

Crowdcreate homepage

Crowdcreate is a top-rated influencer marketing agency that specializes in enhancing brand visibility and engagement through influencer collaborations. They excel in identifying and managing talent, leveraging global influencer networks for strategic campaign execution.

Their services include strategy development, content creation, ambassador programs, social amplification, production, and detailed tracking and reporting. Crowdcreate's approach effectively combines influencer marketing with PR and social media strategies to maximize client exposure.

Services: Influencer marketing, talent management, strategy development, content creation, ambassador programs, social amplification, production, tracking and reporting.

Website: Crowdcreate

a lady researching about the top nft marketing agency to work with

How to Choose the Right NFT Marketing Agency?

Assessing Their Track Record

When selecting an NFT marketing agency, diligence in assessing their past performance is pivotal. A reputable agency will have a portfolio or client testimonials that illuminate their success in the NFT space. Looking beyond surface-level metrics, potential clients should examine:

  • The growth numbers for NFT projects they’ve managed
  • How their marketing tactics adapted to market changes
  • ROI figures from previous campaigns

It’s beneficial to seek out third-party review sites, such as Clutch or The Manifest, to gauge the agency's reputation in the industry. These platforms offer unbiased insights and client feedback, which can be instrumental in validating an agency’s claims of success.

Understanding Their Strategies

Determining whether an agency’s strategies align with your project’s goals is essential. An accomplished agency should offer a blend of data-driven approaches and creative solutions. Ensure they’re proficient in:

  • Harnessing AI-powered tools for market insights
  • Crafting content that resonates with target audiences
  • Utilizing SEO optimization to enhance brand visibility

Prospective clients should ask agencies to outline their strategy process, from initial research to campaign execution. They should demonstrate a thorough understanding of content marketing, digital strategy services, and the unique features of blockchain marketing.

Evaluating Their Industry Connections

Networks and partnerships within the NFT ecosystem can serve as a force multiplier for any marketing campaign. An agency’s industry connections often dictate the level of influencer partnerships and community engagement initiatives they can facilitate. Reviewing an agency's affiliations with NFT marketing associations or their previous collaborations can provide insight into their networking strength. In addition, their ability to broker connections and place your offerings in high-visibility settings is crucial. Agencies should have ties to:

  • Respected NFT platforms and exchanges
  • Prominent NFT creators and influencers
  • Technology partners that can add value to marketing efforts

A trusted agency will not hesitate to share examples of how their industry connections have enhanced campaigns for former clients.

a guy showing his spotlight of his nft marketing

Successful Case Studies of NFT Marketing Agency Campaigns

Case Study #1: Solid Metrics X Creditcoin

In September, Solid Metrics launched a comprehensive community campaign that successfully drove engagement on Discord, X, and on-chain addresses by more than 300%. The team primarily worked with vetted DeFi influencers and conducted cross-promotions with the QuestN team to maximize reach.

Click the tweet embedded to see the proof.

As a result:

Discord membership grew from 40K to 53K members, unique addresses increased by more than 1.2X, and the regional following ratio between non-English and English-speaking audiences improved globally.

  • X followers increased from 42K to 69K
  • Discord membership grew from 40K to 53K members
  • Unique addresses increased by more than 1.2X
  • The regional following ratio between non-English and English-speaking audiences improved globally.

Case Study #2: CrowdCreate X Sandbox

The Crowdcreate case study details their successful marketing campaign for The Sandbox, a leading Metaverse project. They achieved success through innovative strategies, including the creation of a brand video highlighting The Sandbox's NFTs in real-world settings, and the production of narrative-driven video content featuring the CEO of Sandbox.

Their approach integrated social media content and live coverage to boost engagement. Furthermore, they emphasized community management within the Sandbox community and showcased the potential of converting physical spaces into virtual real estate in the Metaverse. For a more comprehensive understanding, you can read the full case study here.

a guy watching nft trends

NFT Marketing Trends to Watch

Gamification of NFTs

In the world of NFT marketing, gamification is rapidly becoming a heartbeat for engaging the community. Visual interactivity and gameplay elements are not only attracting gamers but also a broad audience who find the thrill in collecting and trading NFTs within a competitive environment. The intrinsic value of NFTs housed in games can compound as they become usable assets within virtual worlds.

NFT projects are implementing reward systems and progressive unlocking of content, transforming passive collectors into active participants. By doing so, they're unlocking new potentials for growth and retention.

Projects are leveraging this trend to create exclusive experiences and in-game assets that provide both entertainment and investment opportunities. They understand that the emotional connection evoked through play can lead to heightened consumer loyalty and a solid brand presence in the market.

Inclusion of Physical Assets in NFTs

With NFTs traditionally focusing on digital ownership, the new wave includes the tokenization of physical assets, blending the digital and tangible worlds. Bridging this gap introduces a fresh perspective on ownership by ensuring authenticity and provenance of physical items. Luxury goods, art pieces, and collectibles are at the forefront, with each NFT serving as a digital twin to a real-world object.

This fusion captivates traditional collectors and tech-savvy investors alike, expanding the market beyond its digital confines and providing a secure way to verify real-world asset ownership. NFTs linked to physical objects create a new layer of value for both creators and consumers, as they encapsulate both the asset's physical presence and its digital proof of ownership.

These hybrid NFTs are gaining acclaim for allowing owners to trade or showcase their assets without physical exchange, simplifying transactions while drastically reducing the potential for fraud.

Cross-Platform Integrations

The innovation doesn't stop at the inclusion of physical goods.

Cross-Platform Integrations are an emerging trend with significant momentum. They allow for NFT assets to be utilized across different applications and games, adding a new dimension of usability. As platforms reach into various industries—from gaming to social media—the opportunities for NFTs to move seamlessly from one environment to another are revolutionary.

Such integrations magnify the usability of NFTs as users can engage with their assets in multiple contexts, enhancing the user experience and fueling demand. The potential for NFTs to be portable across ecosystems not only expands their utility but also encourages novel marketing partnerships and collaboration between platforms, further cementing NFTs at the nexus of modern digital interaction.


Choosing the right NFT marketing agency is critical for success in the evolving digital asset landscape. Agencies that can harness the latest trends, like gamification, physical asset inclusion, and cross-platform integrations, will offer their clients a competitive edge. It's essential to partner with a team that not only grasps the complexities of NFTs but also brings a forward-thinking approach to the table.

With the right agency, creators and brands can navigate the NFT space effectively, ensuring their digital assets resonate with audiences and stand out in a crowded market.

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