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Top 7 Web3 Marketing Agency in Singapore | 2023 Edition

We cover the top 7 Web3 marketing agencies in Singapore. Starting with Solid Metrics, DIFY, First Page SG, Kellton, Wizardgeek, Wild Solution & Metacurio.

Top 7 Web3 Marketing Agency in Singapore | 2023 Edition

If you are looking to start your Web3 venture here or work with the right Web3 marketing agencies in Singapore, you are in the right place!

photo of marina bay sand area while i am walking

In case you missed the icebreaker, welcome to Singapore! You don't want to miss out the Marina Bay Sands area!

Do you know? Singapore is one of the world's most densely populated multi-racial countries! Not only that, Singapore is also known as being one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world—which explains why many Web3 startups are happening here.

Now that you have everything set up in Singapore and you are planning to do a bit of research and shopping around to find the best Web3 marketing agencies.

This blog will cover the top Web3 marketing agencies you can consider working with, making it a comprehensive resource for anyone in search of a reputable Web3 digital marketing agency in Singapore.

However, we only included competing brands that have not only ranked well on search engines but also on Clutch recommendations as well as some recommendations from TechBehemoths public data on Singapore Web3 marketing agencies.

Without further ado, these are the top 7 Web3 marketing agencies in Singapore:

  • Solid Metrics
  • DIFY
  • First Page Digital SG
  • Kellton
  • Wizard Geek Ninja
  • Wild Solutions

#1: Solid Metrics

solid metrics homepage

Solid Metrics is a Web3 marketing agency that provides Web3 marketing service for growth to blockchain projects. Rather than hype-driven tactics, they focus on organic strategies that help projects cultivate engaged communities and withstand both bear and bull markets.

At the core is emphasizing legitimate influencers and strategic gamification to boost key growth metrics over time. This allows Web3 companies to build real user bases that support them through ups and downs.

Additionally, Solid Metrics offers the option to integrate their team members directly into a project's marketing team. This provides hands-on support with daily marketing activities and executing the blockchain content marketing strategies that work.

Overall, Solid Metrics prioritizes authentic community building through organic methods. Their crypto marketing strategies aim to foster steady, enduring growth for blockchain projects.

Key Services: Content creation, Backlink building, PR, On-page SEO optimization, Paid Search, Influencer marketing, Web3 Community Building & Dedicated Marketing Support


Address: 68 Circular Rd, Unit 02-01, Singapore 049422


#2: DIFY

dify homepage

Based in Singapore, DIFY's brand identity centers around two mascot characters named Shoyu and Dan. Shoyu embodies the creative, playful spirit of DIFY's communications approach. Meanwhile, Dan (pronounced "Done") represents the business's professional, politically correct side.

Together, the twin mascots reflect DIFY's belief that effective communication requires both imagination and care. Shoyu brings innovative, outside-the-box thinking, while Dan ensures it is delivered thoughtfully and appropriately.

This duo symbolizes DIFY's commitment to listening closely to clients before proposing solutions. The company values understanding each client's unique needs and goals first. Only then does DIFY elaborate on strategies tailored specifically to the client. The twin mascots Shoyu and Dan, encapsulate DIFY's philosophy of creative, considerate communication.

Key Services: Integrated Marketing, Public Relations & Social Media Marketing


Address: 33 Ubi Avenue 3, Vertex Lobby A, #05-56, Singapore, Singapore 408868, SG


#3: First Page Digital SG

first page digital sg homepage

First Page Digital, founded in Singapore in 2011, is an established online marketing agency with a proven track record of success. They offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services including SEO, social media marketing, web design and development, and pay-per-click advertising.

These services work synergistically to help clients generate valuable leads, sales, and profits online. Despite major shifts in the digital marketing landscape over the years, First Page has adapted and continued to deliver results through their dedicated team of strategic experts and technical talent.

Leveraging their decade-plus of experience, First Page has helped numerous companies tackle competitive online environments and emerge as leaders in their industries. Their expertise in core areas like search engine optimization and social media marketing has enabled clients to heighten their digital presence and connect with more customers.

Key Services: SEO, Paid Ads, NFT Marketing & Metaverse Marketing


Phone: +65 6270 2193

Address: 120 Robinson Rd, #05-01, Singapore 068913


#4: Kellton

kellton homepage

Serving worldwide, including Singapore, Kellton has transformed from a small startup into a large global provider of full-service IT solutions. Through a mix of internal growth and key acquisitions, Kellton now has a worldwide presence with offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company serves a diverse client base across healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing industries.

Despite its growth, Kellton has remained driven by the ambition and vision of its founders. It started out modestly but has expanded rapidly over the years into the sizable international firm it is today. Kellton's leadership has stayed true to the company's roots throughout this remarkable evolution.

Key Services: NFT Marketplace Development, dApps Development, Smart Contract Development, Market Maker & Decentralized Exchanged & Liquidity Pool


Address: 22 Malacca Street, Singapore, 048980, SG


#5: Wizard Geek Ninja

wizardgeek homepage

In addition to digital marketing services, Wizard Geek Ninja is a web3 marketing agency based in Singapore that provides other solutions to help businesses thrive online. Their branding and design team assists in creating strong, consistent brand identities that stand out from competitors and resonate with target audiences.

For an optimized online presence, their website development team builds user-friendly, effective websites aligned to client goals. Wizard Geek Ninja also offers marketing strategy consulting to devise comprehensive plans and deploy the right tactics to achieve results.

These services are tailored to match the individual needs of each client. Wizard Geek Ninja recognizes that every business is unique. Their objective is to help clients succeed through customized digital marketing plans designed to reach audiences, boost visibility, and drive business growth.

Key Services: Digital Marketing Strategy, Crypto & NFT Advertising, FinTech & B2B Marketing & Blockchain Development


Address: 64 Circular Road #02-01 Singapore 049418


#6: Wild

wild solution homepage

Wild is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that provides full 360° services in all things digital. They also have offices in Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Geneva, and Paris.

Wild is passionate about creating strategies that help businesses stand out and thrive online. Wild believes in creating tailored solutions that suit each client's needs and goals.

Wild has extensive experience working with big and small clients across various industries. This background has given Wild a broader perspective of what works and what is needed for different types of businesses.

Key Services: Search Engine Optimization, Paid Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Advertising, Influence Marketing, Creative Content, Web Development, Crowdfunding Campaigns, Email Marketing, Digital Training


Phone: +65 9374 9553

Address: 9 Battery Road, Singapore, 049910



metacurio homepage

Metacurio is a next-generation Web3 creative studio specializing in talent management, brand integration, and digital asset ecosystems.

The company's team has long-standing roots in traditional Hollywood entertainment, worldwide brand marketing, A-list talent management, blockchain technology, and Web3/NFT strategy.

Beyond developing and executing brand and talent integration strategies across emerging digital media and Web3 environments. The company also helps clients streamline, define, and execute their key growth initiatives in the ever-expanding Web3 and metaverse entertainment sectors.

Key Services: Web3 Talent Management, Brand Integration



On A Final Note

Since we're so in love with making curated lists of recommendations (even though we shamelessly plugged our own services in), here's another recommended list if you're looking for just blockchain marketing agencies in Singapore globally.

Again, every projects are unique and you should also consider hiring the best web3 marketing agency that is perfect for your needs.

About the authors

Written by
Joshua Yap

Joshua Yap is the CEO of Solid Metrics with a background in Web3 marketing and community building for more than 5 years.

Reviewed by
Cheryl L

Cheryl is an experienced HR operations advisor with a great ability to detect poor English grammar.

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